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Agapanthus Plants

Agapanthus Plants

Sporting large, spherical flower heads that float atop their tall stems, Agapanthus plants will certainly add a burst of colour to your garden's borders!

Ranging in colour from dark purple to pure white, these perennials are great for growing in containers, where they will flower all summer long. Discover our full range of Agapanthus plants in our collection of perennial plants here at Primrose.

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Agapanthus FAQs

  • When should Agapanthus plants be planted?

    Agapanthus plants should be planted in the spring as soon as the weather begins to warm up. The big thing to avoid with Agapanthus is the cold, so if the soil still feels too cool when you’re ready to plant them, make sure to grow them in containers to protect them from frost.

  • Where is the best place to plant Agapanthus plants?

    Agapanthus plants thrive in full sun, so try to make sure that you plant them in a spot where they’ll be able to enjoy between 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. If you live in a particularly hot climate, find an area of partial shade, but UK gardeners should aim for a spot in full sun.

  • Do Agapanthus plants come back every year?

    An extremely hardy plant, Agapanthus plants flower repeatedly throughout their blooming season. As a perennial bloom, the Agapanthus plant will reappear year after year and is likely to self-seed. Simply leave the plant in the ground and enjoy new blooms the next year. Discover even more perennial plants in our full collection here at Primrose.