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Greenhouse Staging/Shelving

What's a greenhouse if you have nowhere to plant or sow? Nowhere to keep your tools, and nowhere to sit your sun loving plants? Our range of greenhouse shelving is low in price and high in quality. With a large range of different styles to choose from, decking out your greenhouse has never been easier. Our shelving allows you to place your projects in full sunlight for all to see, whilst also providing space for your your tools and seed packets.

Should you feel that a little help maintaining your greenhouse plants might be in order, have a look through our selection of greenhouse irrigation systems. Perfect for controlling exactly how much water and nutrients your plants need. With winter setting in, you mustn't forget to invest in a good greenhouse heater which will fend away the frost in the coldest of months.

Remember, if space is a problem, you can always invest in one of our little cold frames which are perfect for young plants.

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Greenhouse Staging/Shelving FAQs

What is greenhouse staging?

What kind of shelves do I need for a greenhouse?

How wide should greenhouse staging be?

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