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Fig Trees

Fig trees can be a striking feature of your garden with their deciduous leaves and sweet and moist fruits with a unique flavour. Try the old French variety, rouge de Bordeaux, or the best fig fruit tree for UK climate, brown turkey. Browse more fruit plants to make your garden the aromatic, eye-catching place it deserves to be.

Fig Trees FAQs

Fig trees, or Ficus carica, originated in northern Asia are usually associated with the warm sunny climate of the Mediterranean region.

Figs contain a host of vitamins and minerals and are renowned for their health benefits including aiding digestion, lowering cholesterol, and boosting weight loss. It is their sweet-tasting, succulent fruit along with their hardiness and ability to thrive in different conditions which have made them a sought after tree throughout the centuries.

Where is the best place to plant a fig tree?

How do you look after a fig tree?

How long does it take a fig tree bear fruit?

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