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Fig Trees

Fig Trees

Fig trees can be a striking feature of your garden with their deciduous leaves and sweet and moist fruits with a unique flavour. Try the old French variety, rouge de Bordeaux, or the best fig fruit tree for UK climate, brown turkey. Browse more fruit plants to make your garden the aromatic, eye-catching place it deserves to be.

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Brown Turkey Fig Tree

One of the best and most popular figs for the British climate. 'Brown Turkey' is a hardy, deciduous shrub that reliably crops in the UK. In the summer it produces an abundance of large brown fruit with juicy red flesh underneath.


Rouge de Bordeaux Fig Tree

 Once established, the plant is drought tolerant and provides excellent shade, and also produces wonderful Mediterranean fruit that are naturally rich in Vitamin C. It will grow well in a pot, or sunk into the ground to within 2.5cm (1") of the top of the rootball. Can be a skin irritant in conjunction with sunlight.


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    Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey' | Fig Tree
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    Ficus carica 'Dalmatie' | Fig Tree
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    Ficus carica 'Madeleine Des Deux Saisons' | Fig Tree
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    Ficus carica 'Osbornes Prolific' | Fig Tree
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    Ficus carica 'Rouge De Bordeaux' | Fig Tree
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