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Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees

The undeniable centrepiece of every garden, ornamental trees will transform the surrounding landscape with their tall height and many other features such as colourful blossom, berries, or unique peeling bark. If you find yourself marvelling at blossom every spring, then our Cherry Blossoms may will prove perfect tree.

At Primrose, we work hard with our trusted nurseries to bring you a diverse range of varieties, which will be delivered quickly, well-packaged, and importantly at a great price. With over 500 ornamental trees to choose from, it doesn't matter if you're seeking a patio tree or standalone specimen; we have trees suited to every garden!

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Your Questions Answered

Choosing Your Cherry Blossom Tree

With their pretty blossom and long oval-shaped leaves, cherry blossom trees are a garden's spectacle. To find your perfect cherry, why not read our detailed guide?

Ornamental Trees for Small Gardens

Perfect for patio pots or as a centrepiece on your lawn, thanks to our nurseries there are now more trees for small gardens than ever before!

Ornamental Trees FAQs

  • What is an ornamental tree?

    Ornamental trees are named such because of their aesthetic value. They are trees renowned for their beauty, often attributed to their unique flowers and fragrance. However, an ornamental tree can be considered such simply for having an interesting colouring, shape, or seasonal bloom. 

    Popular ornamental trees range from magnolia to willow and from eucalyptus to conifers, so you’re sure to find the perfect colour and shape for your garden.

  • How big do ornamental trees grow?

    Depending on the species of tree you choose, ornamental trees can grow to be anywhere between 6 feet to 30 feet tall. Despite their tall stature, ornamental trees don’t typically provide a large amount of shade due to their flowering blooms as opposed to leafy branches.

  • What is the most popular ornamental tree?

    The popularity of ornamental trees truly depends on individual taste. Consider the aesthetic appeal you wish to gain from your tree – is there a particular colour or shape that you’d like to add into your garden?

    If you find yourself marvelling at blossoms every spring, then our cherry blossom trees may prove to be the perfect tree for your garden. If you love the appearance of scarlet red leaves, then our wonderful varieties of red maple tree will illuminate your garden with their fiery frondescence.

    For smaller varieties, browse our full range of ornamental plants and trees for small gardens here at Primrose.

  • Where do bay trees grow best?

    When choosing an ideal location for your bay tree which is native to the Mediterranean region, you want to choose a sunny or partially shaded area of your outside space. Make sure it is protected from winds and extreme cold weather and perhaps place it against a wall so it isn’t exposed to these elements.

  • What are bay trees good for?

    As well as looking beautiful and being a great addition to the design of your garden or porch, the leaves of this tree can be used to improve the flavour of many dishes, particularly stews, soups, and sauces. They can be used when dried or fresh, however, when leaves are dried they bring more flavour.

  • Will a bay tree survive winter?

    Because bay trees are native to the Mediterranean region, they need extra care and attention in winter. To keep your bay tree alive over the cold months, you should:

    • Temporarily move it to a warm, covered area such as indoors or in a greenhouse.
    • Cover it with a frost protection jacket.
    • Keep the compost you apply to it moist from autumn to spring.
  • How do I need to prune / train my tree?

    All the advice we have regarding pruning and training can usually be found in the description on the product page.

  • What planting distance do I need between my trees?

    For fruit trees the planting distance is usually 3-4m. Very dwarfing rootstocks or cordon trees can be planted as close as 2m.

    For ornamental trees it depends on the eventual size of the tree but 5-6m is usually recommended. Larger trees may need 8-10m.

    You can usually locate the eventual height and spread in the ‘Specifications’ dropdown on each product page.

  • Why do you sell bare root plants outside of bare root planting season?

    We occasionally cold store some trees to prolong the selling season. This has no effect on the tree apart from that they'll come out of dormancy later than other trees around them.