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Perennial Plants

Perennial Plants

Design a beautiful border or adorn your patio space with the help of our large collection of perennial plants! Lovingly grown in the United Kingdom, our perennials range from garden classics such as Salvias, to more unique hybrid varieties, either way, we offer the perfect plants whatever your style!

Popular categories

The perfect perennials to add to your garden to attract plenty of birds, bees and pollinators

A selection of aromatic varieties, ideal at bringing sweet and distinctive fragrances to your garden

Great for those with smaller gardens, alpine plants are versatile and grow in lots of different spaces

Perfect at catching the eye, these tall perennial plants are perfect centre pieces

A selection of evergreen perennials to keep your garden full of colours all year round

Beautiful perennials to fill those shady spots in everyone's garden

Perfect at creating colourful displays, see our range of ground cover plants

A standard of quality since 1922, the AGM award marks plants that grow well in the UK climate

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Your Questions Answered

What Are Perennials?

Learn the difference is between perennials, annuals and biennial plants and much more with our helpful guide.

The Best Perennials for Shade

Many gaze at the shady spots in their garden convinced that nothing there can grow. But believe it or not, we stock a broad selection of shade-loving perennials! In this blog, we pick out our favourite perennials for shade.