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Concrete Planters

Concrete planters can come heavily pocketed or smooth. The former arrive sand coloured - a classic mediterranean aesthetic - and are great for adding some rustic charm to your garden. The latter are grey, ideal for a modernist, sleek chic. Great indoors or out, no planter is the same whether tall or trough, and heavily pocketed planters will weather over time and sometimes change colour, while glass-fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) offers something different: resistant to weathering, GFRC will maintain its often sleek, uniform appearance, akin to fibreglass planters. For a wealth of inspiration and expertise, have a look at our Planters Ideas & Advice hub. 

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Advice on Concrete Planters

What is a Planter?

What is a Planter?

We've outlined some of the ways you can differentiate between different types of planters to find one to suit you and your indoor/outdoor space perfectly. Read our 'What is a Planter?' guide for more.

How to Plant Flowers in Planters

How to Plant Flowers in Planters

Filling your planter with flowers is a great way to add decoration to your garden. Our handy guide reveals the tried and tested ways of how to plant flowers in large planters successfully.

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