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Climbing Plants

Climbing Plants

Browse our handpicked selection of sweetly-scented fast-growing climbing plants, perfect for covering up ugly buildings and attracting pollinators to your garden.

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Our Favourite Fast-Growing Climbing Plants

Wishing to quickly conceal an unsightly wall or fence in your garden? Then the addition of a fast-growing climber might be the perfect solution!

Pot-Perfect Climbing Plants

We also have many wonderful climbers that are excellent for growing in a pot - these include varieties of Clematis and Jasmine. Why not have a read of the best climbing plants for pots?

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Climbing Plants FAQs

  • What are the best climbing plants for pergolas?

    Any climber is good for a pergola - they're designed for it after all with their posts and latticed rooves. We've dived into the climbers list to find the best climbers for pergolas, or you can see the short verion here:
    1. Honeysuckle
    2. Wisteria
    3. Clematis
    4. Jasmine
    5. Ivy
    6. Passion Flower
    7. Grapes
    8. Climbing Roses
    9. Nasturtiums